Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge

So I admit, I'm perhaps a little bored. Or, not really bored, exactly, I just haven't settled into anything now that I'm off work for the summer. Now that I've had a rest, I have TONS of energy.... so what to do with it?
I was browsing through some TED Talks this morning and came across this one:

The upshot is that one can introduce a project or a change in one's life by taking on a 30 Day Challenge.
This seemed like just the right project for me. What I was looking for was a way to apply some structure to a couple things that I wanted to do. So, I've decided on three (yes, THREE) challenges:
  • NO WHITE FOOD for 30 days (no sugar, flour, rice or potatoes)
  • DO A WORKOUT every day for 30 days. This workout can be a walk of at least 5 km, or a standard gym visit, or a fitness class.
  • CREATE A PIECE OF VISUAL ART every days for 30 days.
So the eating and working out I know I need to do anyway, so in a way, they are just necessary, rather than "personal growth" challenges. I'm much more excited about the art.

Towards the end of school, I was helping Audrey, the art teacher, make some signs for Commencement and other events. We were using pastels, and I really, really enjoyed decorating and coloring the signs. Since then, I've really had the bug to do some drawing. So much so that I went out and bought a set each of chalk and oil pastels and some paper. And they have been sitting on the floor in my office in a bag ever since. So I'm determined to use them every day for the next 30 days!

Here is my first creation:

I decided to start with something really simple - a sky. Well, maybe not so simple, but a focus on a single thing. Once I did the sky, I decided it was ok, but would benefit from some foliage, then some colour. This is not the most original composition, but I figure I'm only going to get better! This was my first time with pastels doing anything but colouring between the lines. I have a couple projects now. First, I have to figure out how to draw details! And I need to do some research about necessary tools and supplies I will also need. And I need some gloves.

Enough drawing. next stop: gym.


  1. OMG Candace, I LOVE that picture. I'm in for 30 days of no white food (except milk right) and workout everyday for 30 days.. can I play, can I play!!??

  2. I'm working on my own goals already, and it's working for me, so I won't be joining in on a 30 day challenge. (Anyway, knitting is kind of a visual art, right? I'll just go with that idea...)


    But I do love this first attempt. It's the rich warm colours of the flowers, I think - reminds me of autumn colours, which I love. Sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest. Can't wait to see how you progress!


  3. adena, please do play! I need all the encouragement I can get!
    Dana - please post your knitting at least, so we can see it. I've been knitting my brains out since before Christmas - three sweaters and a wrap. I'll get around to posting them soon!

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  5. I'm in for the white food too! I also wanted to give up "carbs" to support my friend who needs to for 2-4 weeks...I only wonder what I can use for energy for my long runs where I usually eat toast and bananas...anyone

  6. Last Sunday I did a "crafting" post in LJ...go see my knitting there!