Monday, August 2, 2010

Lean Eating

As of today, I am starting a new fitness and nutrition program. I'm pretty excited, as I have done this program before with amazing results. I injured myself about 8 months ago and haven't been exercising. But now I can, so now I'm going to!

For more information about the program Lean Eating for Women, check out Precision Nutrition. They also have a program for men, and I couldn't recommend the organization, the people or the program more highly!

Everything starts out easy nutrition-wise. All I have to worry about this week is taking my omega 3 oil and a multivitamin. This I can do! The workout on the other hand is going to be hard. It will get easier in the sense that once I start working out again, my system will adjust to it, but it's going to be a tough week. An then it is going to be a tough six months. If my previous experience is any indication, the work outs are hard core!

Anyway, I'm not planning to belabor the program on this blog, but my plan is to a weekly update taking stock of how I am doing.


  1. Good luck!! I'm sure you'll plough thru it all just fine. :-)

    Checked out PN...sounds like a sensible plan. I really need to take account of what I put in my mouth and get on the exercise bandwagon.

  2. You've been blogging here for how long and not told me? what gives.. nah nah nah..

    nice blog!!

  3. oh and good on you for signing up for LE again. I'm hooked up with a nutritionist I met on PN (she's linked on my blog) and she's helping me tune a meal plan to endurance training that conforms to PN principles. I'm super excited.